Ntuka was born out of my love for all things natural and my intense and innate desire to be readily available for my growing children 


Inspired by an article in a magazine and Childhood memories of growing up in a very natural environment

A wonderful and forever intriguing journey began for me, for my family and for everyone who has and who will go on to experience the magic of Ntuka products

A few  years ago, I had my last child and knew then that I wanted to fully care for her myself.

So that meant not returning to my old job and needed to find something fulfilling that I could do without having to leave her in the care of someone else. 


This prompted me to embark on a somewhat desperate search for that something, whatever it was.

After the birth of my youngest child. I became certain that I would not be involved in any occupation that separated me from her, so this prompted a search for an alternative to the weekday 9 to 5 away from home. 


One day when reading Country Living magazine, I came across an article about a mother who had made a brave decision of leaving her secure work and had built a thriving business inspired by one of her passions. Now this was hugely encouraging! 

In the same magazine by stroke of luck or perhaps destiny as some say, I came across another article about essential oils. Their cherished healing benefits and their everyday use in massage oils, facial oils, bath soaks etc. 

Reading this article brought back memories of my childhood and how any form of healing or pampering then largely involved some form of plant or herb or some strange salt and in some cases even cow dung from the uncontaminated green pastures was a beauty tool.

I became really excited. This was it. My calling, this was it! This is what I was I meant to do, hooray, at last. I remember shouting and jumping up and down in my kitchen with immense joy. Words can’t really describe just how happy I was. There it was in front of me. I had found my new and future path!  I was going to create some unique, exquisite aromatic products for myself, my family and share them fellow folk!!

I loved essential oils from the moment that I discovered them, the smell of some of them is just out of this world for me and their powerful potential is a priceless bonus. I had been using them for many years, carelessly though at times like a lot of people with no real understanding of how really powerful they are. 

So, a dedicated journey or rather an obsession began. I poured every spare inch of me into learning about aromatic plants (essential oils) and how to safely incorporate them into everyday life. I also devoted a lot of time to learning about other plant oils, as I had decided that I would be using them to formulate my delightful, safe blends that I wanted to share.


The deeper I dug, the more I became certain about what it was I needed to embark on. I found my discoveries overwhelmingly inspiring and profoundly empowering.

Lots of failed and successful experiments followed. It would be a year or so later, in late 2017 that I felt confident enough to create a few products that I could put on the market and as a trial, I began offering them to neighbours and friends.


Those humble initial steps made a real difference. The blends I made were really liked by those that tried them and soon I was getting revisits and being offered words of encouragement to share them with the wilder public. That was the green light that I needed and I have not looked back.

I have a lot to learn still as there is so much to learn but I knew from the moment that I came across that article, that a new door had opened for me and that it was never going to close!


I am actively and constantly engaged in learning and discovering or uncovering more. This has really helped me to grow in my ability and understanding as a self taught formulator. I quite often stumble across some phenomenal and well experienced educators on the subject of essential oils and holistic skin care.


They bring with them some valuable knowledge, wisdom and great material on new essential oils  and other plant oils that I had not come across before or even heard of.


So as I say, the learning never stops and the journey continues. I do hope that reading this give you a little bit of encouragement to support my little business. My blends are delightful. I can promise that you will not be disappointed.

Love to you all from me


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