Ethically Sourced Ingredients

All of the current Ntuka products are made with high quality certified organic, food grade essential oils and other naturally grown and wild harvested ingredients.


Sourced from very experienced traders who source ingredients of the purest and highest quality.


Progressive traders, who have over a period of time developed strong relationships with their suppliers and are actively engaged in ethical and sustainable practices that range from operating in premises that are green energy powered, to paying decent amounts to their fellow traders (fair trade), to actively supporting women led cooperatives and supporting children in need in some parts of the world.

Traders that you and I can fully trust and fully support. 




Each product is housed in high quality, luxurious miron glass sourced here from a UK based company. Miron glass is known for it's excellent efficiency in preserving it's contents. 

The labels are designed by my generous husband who has based the unique art work on the same designs found on the Botswana basket. A Bristol based, small, independent business is kind enough to print all of the Ntuka labels

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