Enhancing our sense of wellbeing and beauty


through the power of our sense of smell

I would like to warmly welcome you all to Ntuka Skincare and thank you for taking the time to visit. I do hope that you find moving around fairly straight forward and pleasurable

About Ntuka

Ntuka is an independent, currently very small venture that is dedicated to trusting in nature and ancient rituals to create harmonious plant based skincare, through a combined process of sourcing naturally grown plant extracts and essences, putting them together to formulate uncomplicated, oil based blends that offer pure nourishment for both our skin and our emotions

All of the current products are now made with certified organic, food grade essential oils. Certified organic and wild harvested ingredients. Sourced from very experienced traders who source ingredients of the purest and highest quality.


Progressive traders, who are actively engaged in ethical and sustainable practices that range from operating in premises that are green energy powered, to paying decent amounts to their fellow traders (fair trade), to actively supporting women led cooperatives and supporting children in need in some parts of the world 

Traders that you and I can fully trust

All of the Ntuka products are also now presented in high quality, luxurious Miron glass, known for it's excellent efficiency in preserving it's contents. 


The authentic quality of the ingredients can be felt in all of the individual blends

The Empowering Magic of Aromatic Plants


Aromas are notorious for being the source of memory triggers, unpleasant and pleasant.


Carefully chosen and gently incorporated into each blend is a combination of organically grown essential oils, infused together to produce a beautiful union, that will further enrich the nourishing quality of the blends, as well as offering us the opportunity to access pleasure through one of our most sensitive and acute asset, our sense of smell!​

​The set intention is to simply and purely share the tried and tested empowering magic of aromatic plants. Their ability to positively impact on our skin's health, our emotional and spiritual well-being when safely incorporated into

our daily rituals.

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